Wondering if The Law Office of Chris Pochyla, PLLC is the right fit for you? 


The firm handles all classifications of criminal charges from misdemeanors to felonies. 


Misdemeanors are crimes such as DWI, speeding, and minor drug related offenses. These cases have sentences ranging from a simple fine up to, and including, jail time.  


Felonies are more severe accusations such as burglary, vehicular homicide, fraud schemes, and major drug related offenses.


In either circumstance, it is important to speak with an attorney that specializes in criminal defense.  Regardless of the classification or your crime, Chris Pochyla has the experience to navigate the legal landscape to produce successful results.


Experience, communication, good judgement, excellent research and analytical skills, and creativity are required to mount an effective defense. Each case is unique and deserves an attorney that will treat you as more than a number. Chris makes getting to know each client and his or her personal circumstance a priority in order to ensure the best outcome for each situation.  At The Law Office of Chris Pochyla, LLC, you are more than a number.

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